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Listener Comments

"AND NOW..... Words from our listeners!"

A Collection of Listener comments
from the KLUX mailbag

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"I continuously enjoy your great programming, music and all the inspirational messages. Thanks!"   Sarah Vergara - Corpus Christi

"We love your station! Just wish we could take you back to Illinois with us. I'll ask the Diocese of Saint Louis to start up a station just like yours."
Paul & Jenny Golden - St. Louis, MO

"I truly enjoy this radio station….I love the messages. They really make a difference. Thank you."
Ana Briseno - city unknown

"I have long been a fan of your format and have slowly watched the number of stations playing this music dwindle from the hundreds down to about 15. I loyally love radio, and I loyally love this format. I especially like your presentation, however, of inspiration and beautiful music. It's a special combo. Please don't ever change.
Mike - Pennsylvania

"I recently visited family in Kingsville. I enjoyed the music so much I decided to check the internet…and was pleasantly surprised to discover the streaming audio. Now I can listen to your music and inspirational messages at home and work in Fort Worth. As many stations as this area has, we have nothing that compares with KLUX."
M. Doyle

"I lived in Corpus Christ for 30 years. I listened to your station from the time it went on the air. Since I have moved, I have not found a station in the Houston metro area that comes even close to your station. Every time we visited Corpus Christi, we would set our radio to your station. Now that your on the internet, I can now listen to your station again and I do a lot. Keep up the good service and ministry."
Larry Herron - Spring, TX.

"I now can get KLUX on my computer and am so thrilled!!! We learned to love KLUX many years ago while on vacation in Corpus and set our dial there every time we come to town. Now I can listen to it in Waco, Texas! Thank you for your thoughtful programming and beautiful music.You are the BEST!"
Ann Lindsey

"You played a major role in the success of St. Paul's Ethnic Festival. I want to thank you and your staff for doing such an excellent job in advertising our event. More power to you and KLUX, but most of all may God bless you always."
Luz V. Garcia - Corpus Christi

"Thank you so much for your Good Friday programming. I am listening by internet at the State House in Annapolis, MD. While I work, your God-honoring music is helping me to keep my mind on the goodness of our Lord. Truly He was the sacrificial Lamb who died to pay the penalty for sins of the world. Thank you for lifting His name in our every day work world."
Barbara Moyer

"Just a quick note from Santa Rosa, CA. I listen to your station while at work and find it a very relaxing background to my hectic day. I am not a Catholic, but I am a brother in Christ and thank you very much for your commitment to our Lord."
Jerry Sanden

"I was amazed to find your station. I had been a real fan of Jones college radio that played easy listening instrumentals like you. However, being a Catholic I was overjoyed to find a Catholic Station that played easy listening. It is indeed 'Good Company.' Can one pay donations from other countries? I am in Brisbane Australia."
Robert Prinzen-Wood

"I'm so glad you have LISTEN LIVE. I now can listen at work. Your music, messages, it's a blessing from God."
Jo Ann Masturzo (address unknown)

"As a former resident of the Corpus Christi, I listened to KLUX on a continuous basis: at work, home and in the car. The thing I miss most about the Coastal Bend was the music and inspirational messages from KLUX. Every-time I come back to visit family and friends, I always turn to 89.5 to make sure this wonderful station is still around. This last visit, I found out KLUX is on the web! I now listen to this magnificent radio station whenever I can. After so long, it is great to again hear the wonderful music and inspirational messages KLUX provides. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."
A listener-Tucson, AZ

"Sounds very nice here in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. All the best."
S. Hagerty - Newfoundland

Your station really is...GOOD COMPANY! ... Thank you for great music and great radio ! We listen via your internet stream...nothing like it on the air anywhere here....!"
Ryan & Mary Granito - Hillside, New Jersey

"I like your type of broadcasting. Thanks for quality programming."
Paul Boyd - Detroit, MI

""Thank you for playing 'THEME FROM "TITANIC"'. I heard it yesterday and it made my day so much more pleasant."
Martha Kelly - Corpus Christi

"You have the best programming in the United States. Can't you please, please get a station in San Antonio? Your signal only reaches to about 50 miles south of town!"
Mr. & Mrs. Robin - San Antonio

"I really do enjoy listening to the music you have selected to air. I like this music for my office. I am a school counselor, and this is the type of music that makes my job easier. Stressed out teachers, parents and students find your music very relaxing."
Name withheld by request

"It's refreshing to hear some of that older music coming back into interest among younger listeners. I have a very soft spot in my heart for those 'oh so over-the-top but lovable' instrumental remakes of 70's and 80's pop tunes. I love them all. Keep up the good work!!"
Michael Regensburger, Staff General Manager, (KUR) 88.3 FM/1670 AM, Kutztown, PA

"I was in Port A for the winter, and really enjoyed your programming."
Phil Kriesel - Northern Wisconsin

"I am new to Corpus and just discovered your station. Love it!! Keep up the good work, and thank you."
J. Stedronsky

"I sure wish we in San Antonio could pick up your very excellent station!! I am able, once in a great while, to pick you up, and enjoy your wonderful, beautiful music, and inspirations. Keep up the excellent and beautiful work,"
Caterina Herrington - San Antonio

"Listening to KLUX on the computer is nice, but listening to you on broadcast stereo would be fantastic; and San Antonio, the mission trail city and heart of south Texas, is still eagerly waiting for you to pick up a station here! WE LOVE YOUR PROGRAMMING !"
Robin Ream

"I love being able to listen to you at work. I couldn't before you got on the web. Thank you! Listening to KLUX keeps my sanity during the day. My mother and father have always kept your station on in the house. I Thank you for all you do. KLUX is so positive and relaxing. I wish everyone listened."
"Liz" Vesely - Corpus Christi

"I currently live at Ft. Benning, GA and listen to KLUX on the web. I found you when I was stationed at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio and made regular weekend trips to Port Aransas. I miss the beach but I still have your good music."

"I went home to Corpus for a brief visit and tuned in to KLUX. I heard that the station was now being streamed on-line. I am listening to the" soothing sounds of KLUX" as I type this. Thank you to EVERYONE responsible for making this possible!"
Ben Armendariz - Round Rock, TX

"Each year, when we visit our family throughout the Coastal Bend, we always listen to KLUX. And now that we have found your website, we can listen to KLUX here in Kansas City! Thank you so much for this ministry."
Hershel Martin III

"My wife and I happened to be in Corpus Christi, looking for some warm weather. While this didn't happen, we did enjoy the programming on KLUX; an interesting approach. I've been involved in radio for a number of years, both religious and secular, and found your station to be a delightful mix of both."
Dan Schobert - Plover, Wisconsin

"My mate and I listen to KLUX every opportunity we get. I travel a great deal and it is very good to hear the best radio station in the US when traveling. Well done and thanks."
Howell Cooper - New Braunfels, TX

"We live in Louisiana and have been going to South Texas since 1985 and have listened to your station when we are in the area for about that long. Thank the Lord that you are now on the internet and I can listen at work."
Jeanne Prestridge

"We have a farm near LaVernia, TX, and a vacation home in City by the Sea, TX. As we travel back and forth we pick-up and lose your radio signal about seven miles north of Goliad. We both love listening to your station, and we keep our dial set on 89.5 anytime we're south of that geographic point."
Dale and Jeannie Vickers

"We love, love, love listening to your station while at work!"
Jimmie Nell Dixon - Corpus Christi,

"I live in Harlingen and often make the trip to Corpus Christi. I look forward to your music and can't wait to get in range. I was really excited when I found that I can get you on my computer…keep up the wonderful music."
Dianne Vanderputten

"I would like to listen when I'm in Kerrville,TX, too! We love your station & the music you play. I am on 'dial-up,' so I guess I'll just SUFFER. I will just have to listen when I'm at the bay place."
Ada Hunt

"I always tune to your station when I am in Port Aransas or traveling between San Antonio and the Valley. God bless you!"
Melissa Carroll

"I listen to your radio station….and it helps me get through my day. Thank you very much for helping us."
Greg - Corpus Christi

"Greetings from Canada -I was working in the office this evening and thought I would put your station on to keep me company. It gives me pleasure sending you a 'hello' from your friends up North, while you in turn are kind enough to provide the musical backdrop to my evening."
Eric Lehner - Chairman/CEO, XMG Corporation - Ontario

"I always listen to this station because the music is so pleasant. I am here for the winter, from CA. I have a station that is always on my dial ....hardly ever change it. I also like the inspirational messages. Thank You"
Peggy Cantwell (city unknown)

"I like your station. I listen on the internet here in Dallas. Do you have any KLUX bumper stickers or window decals?"
Deana Kelly

"On an emergency trip to McMullen County, I tuned in to see if I could get you about the time I got to Beeville. It was wonderful to hear you again. I lived in Corpus Christi from 1987 to 1996, and listened to you night and day. I was so pleased to learn that I can now get you on the internet. I will now listen whenever I am at the office or at home and have access to a computer. You are the finest radio station in the universe and I thank you for hanging in there. God Bless all of you and keep up the good work. I have bragged about your station since leaving Corpus and really never thought I would ever get to enjoy you on a full time basis again. I now live in Montgomery, Texas and have recently built my retirement home at Canyon Lake. We will tune you in wherever we have the opportunity. Thanks again!"
Jack Chenoweth

"While searching online for an easy listening radio station, I was drawn to your site because you were in Texas. I am originally from Texas. As a Christian, I continue to listen daily because of the wonderful programming you present. You are to be commended for the wonderful music and values you offer to sooth the soul in this troubled world we live in. May God continue to bless your ministry. Thank you so very much!! I share your web address to many here in central Illinois."
Linda Hamlin

"I've traveled through 30 states, and several foreign countries in the past year. No where have I found a station that has the quality of music found on KLUX - the only station where one could listen to music that doesn't sound like a mixture of jungle drums and down-town traffic noise."
Bill Strong - address unknown

"I was radio channel surfing while in Corpus two weeks ago and I tuned into your station. I really enjoyed the music…soothing to the ear. I hope I can listen to it down hear in the Rio Grande Valley via my computer. The prayers and comments are nice and comforting as well."
Manny Barrera

"Love your radio station. It is great music all the time."
Dana Levee - Freer, Tx

"My husband and I are very dedicated to listening to KLUX. We have the dials in our cars and 3 radios in the house on 89.5. We even go to sleep at night listening to 89.5. We love it!"
Reba Beauford - Odem TX

"I just discovered you on the internet. Thank you for such an inspirational and positive internet stream! I now listen to KLUX at work via the internet. Keep up the great work!"
Tony Casper (address unknown)

"I am a 7th grader that lives in San Antonio, TX and loves to listen to your radio station."
Aristeo Cortinas

"I was in Corpus recently and, on the drive down from San Antonio, I happened to find your frequency on the car radio. WOW! What a pleasant surprise to get away from all the very repetitious commercial venue. So glad for your web site, so that I can listen all day long while designing on the computer."
Bob Engle, Graphics Manager - San Antonio

"I went home to Corpus for a brief visit and tuned in KLUX. I heard that the station was now being streamed on-line. I am listening to the" soothing sounds of KLUX" as I type this. Thank you to EVERYONE responsible for making this possible!"
Ben Armendariz - Round Rock, TX

"As a San Antonio resident, I've been able to listening to your incredible radio station ONLY when driving through the Corpus Christi area. And, I've kept a button dedicated to KLUX for those times when atmospheric conditions are just right and I get to hear glimpses of your station here in the Alamo City. But, hallelujah! Through the static driving to work today I heard your announcer say, "Listen to us on the web..." I tuned in as soon as I arrived at my office and I haven't stopped listening. Thank you for sharing your uplifting, inspiring programming and excellent music with us in cyberspace!"
Susan Sapo

"I listen to your internet station, with optimal quality. Your music is great!! I have found the place of His radio station. It seems a beautiful place."
Erick, Araya - Valdivia, South of Chile.

"One of the important things I missed, after leaving Corpus Christi in 2001 after 27 years, was that I would no longer be able to listen to KLUX. However with the streamline ability I can now listen every day on my computer. It's like going home."
Margaret McGettrick - Austin, TX

"My son Dan just moved to Rockport, TX and listens to your station. He gave me your call letters www.KLUX,org and I can listen to your station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Say hello to Dan for me and wish him luck on his new apartment. Love his MOM."
(Mom's name unknown)

"I listen to your station throughout the day. The music helps the office staff remain focused on our daily tasks--a sort of a concentration medium! Thanks."
Leti Clark (address unknown)

"My wife and I have a time share condo in Corpus and we always tune our radio to KLUX, as soon as we are in range, and listen each year while on vacation. I was very pleased to learn this year that you are now on-line. Now I listen to KLUX via my computer at work. Thanks for the good music and inspiration throughout the day."
Gene & Sharon Sherrod